Life is a journey

Life is a journey

fredag 27. mai 2016

Rotan Island, Honduras

After 2 days in the middle of the city in Copan we were all looking forward to 3 days in Roatan Island, all filled with swimming, snorkeling and other water activities.

Before we could relax and enjoy we had a loooong journey in head of us with two local buses, taxi and a boat with lots of waves. They were sharing out bags for you to throw up in together with seasick tablets before you went on board, and this was new to me. I am really glad I took one, as one of the girls in the group that didn’t take any threw up 2-3 times during the ride and were really bad! Even though I felt so sorry for her, we got a good laughter 😊  the good thing about the long journey through Honduras’s roads was to see the amazing nature!

I could never in my mind imagined Honduras would be so beautiful with big valleys, mountains, trees, rivers and small stone houses.
It is so nice to see the big contrast on how people are living in these countries compared to us in the western world, the differences and what they accept for living that you and me don’t won’t to live without.
After 13 hours travelling, we finally arrived the island! We stayed in a quite okay hotel at the end of the beach with our own swimming pool and the best thing, a hammock right outside our door!
Even though Charlotte and I have had some kind of bugs in all our bedrooms so far I got really surprised when I saw a giant spider on my left side when I as sitting at the toilet. Screaming in shock I ran out in the bedroom! Charlotte tried to keep calm and walked slowly into the bathroom to kill the bastard, but when the spider moved, both of us were just screaming and ran out together in the bedroom. Charlotte was really fast walking down to Christoph, asking for some help! He took the job and killed the spider! Just 5 minutes later we heared a screem from the neighbourroom. The girls there found a cockroach in the bed!!! Welcome to Honduras!!

The first whole day in Roatan me and 6 of the girls want to West Bay Beach which our CEO had recommended. It was clear blue water and perfect for snorkelling and diving, which explains All the people in the water with snorkeling equipment.
It was a lot more touristy than I had imagine, but we found a nice spot at the end of the beach all by our self. To rent a beach chair/bed we were supposed to pay 25 dollars, which is insane!!!

Even though we didn't got to the beach before 10 am and left at 13.30 everyone got burned!! Some more than others, and even though I used factor 50 the entire time my back got so burned that I was not able to carry my backpack on my shoulders the next 3 days. A bit too optimistic, but when you spend the day in a beach like this with the best pina Colada I've ever tasted it is difficult to leave the beach 😋
Rest of this day was like a movie.. the whole group went to a local beach bar at 5 pm to watch the sunset and have some drinks. One drink turned into two and three, the dark came, and the guys in the bar lightened  a campfire! We were all just hanging around at the beach, playing with the dogs, talking and had a real good time!
At 9pm I got to have some food with 3 other. Maybe a smart idea considering we only ate lunch that day before we started to drink 😄 Never have a half grilled chicken and coke slaw tasted so good!!
Back the hotel we only got to say hi to the other before they agreed to go out to a local bar. We went together to a bar were we were the only ones so we played our own music, danced and had some more drinks..
I'm not sure what time we went to bed, sometime around 2-3 in the night maybe 😁

DaY nr 2 in Roatan I got up at 8am for kayaking with Guillimette and Georgia.
We met for breakfast at a cafe with a beautiful view over the ocean, and even though I was a bit tired this was definitely the best breakfast place I have ever had!

We kayaked for approximately 2 hours, passed a lot of coral reefs and just relaxed.
None of us wanted to stay in the sun more than necessary, so we all got back to the hotel by noon to relax a bit. I stayed one hour in the hammock talking with my family and boyfriend on what's app which was really nice!

At 6pm some of us went to the beach again to see if the sunset would be better this day. Unfortunately we didn't got the beautiful sunset I hoped for, but at least it was better than yesterday.
At 7pm we had booked a table at a restaurant in the beach. A bit funny as we didn't saw our food in the darkness, but a nice experience, good food and of course good company 😃
Some of us ended up with some drinks at the beach later this night before we went out to dance a bit on a local place. I went home by midnigt I was tired from yesterday, but this island has been a real pleasure! I would love to come back here some day to all the colourful houses and cafes, the chill and relaxed life the people seems to live, and the beautiful beaches.

And you know what. They have their own airport so you could actually fly here, which is what we did the last day, when we were going to Nicaragua.
Check out your next holiday, Roatan!!!


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