Life is a journey

Life is a journey

søndag 22. mai 2016

G adventure trip in Central America! Guatemala and Honduras!

Etter 17 dager på reise "alene" var det endelig tid for gruppeturen i sentral Amerika! Jeg har aldri hatt noe kjempestort ønske om å reise til mellomamerika, men etter å ha sett masse bilder har jeg begynt på glede meg mer og mer! 

I didn't really know what I could expect and what I was going into when I booked the grouptour, but after hanging around with these people in 5 days I couldn't be more happier! That is also why I decide to write in English, as most of the conversations are going in English nowadays.

I arrived quite late to Antiqua, Guatemala sunday 15th May, so half of the group had already met each other when I arrived. Therefore I first met the group the day we were travelling further to Honduras. I am not sure I actually can say I have been in Guatemala as I left the country less than 12 hours after I arrived, but according to the same discussion in another situation, you just have to leave the airport before you can say you have been in the country, and I was there long enough to spend some local currency as well so that means I have been in Guatemala 😂

The group is quite big, 18 people including 2 guides so we are totally a group of 20 people from different countries. 4 girls from Canada, 2 girls from Australia, 2 guys from UK, 1 girl from Luxemburg, 1 girl from Switzerland, 1 girl from Denmark which is also my roommate 😁, me from Norway, 1 girl from New Zealand, 2 girls from UK, a couple from UK and a guy from Germany!
The guides are from USA and Costa Rica so we are really representing a lot of different countries which is quite cool!

With so many people if can be quite crowdy and short with space, and our first travelling day were one hell of a journey!!
We were sitting in a minibus for 7 hours, and it was barely enough space for my legs, so I could not sit normally.
I will never ever complain about a small seat at a airplane again as the space there is huge compared to what we had!
And for 1-2 hours you can get through, but 7 hours when it is 35c outside and the air-condition doesn't work quite well because of the heat outside... well.. I'm glad this was the worst travelling day at this trip!
We arrived Copan, Honduras at 16-17 the same day, which is a small town 20 minutes from the boarder. This used to be a quite big town in the old days, but is now more known for the Copan Ruins. Copan town contain 35 000 inhabitants, so compared to cities we are used to back in Norway, this is a quite big town even though the main area/city is really small. We asked through the whole city in 20 minutes.

One thing I noticed when it comes to both Guatemala and Honduras, especially compared to Cuba is the huge amount of American industry and companies like Burges King, Mc Donald's etc. It is big signs everywhere, and a lot of places to buy food and other stuff. For me it was a huge relief to go inside any store you could see and get whatever I wanted. In Cuba this was not the reality and you had to plan your day conserning if you were going leave the city for a hike or anything.
Here you can find drinks, food, nuts, chips and evn sun lotion in almost every store which is so great 😄

Back to Copan.. the first real day most of the group went to see the Copan Maya Ruins. I had never seen anything like this before, so it was very exciting! I guess the pictures say more than I can explain 😃

We also saw some wild parrots I was able to get a really good close up photo of, so fun!! I didn't even realise I liked birds before I saw these and behaved like a real child in the zoo 😁

Even though we started the trip early in the morning it was sooo hit this day, I'm not sure about the exact degrees, but I guess around 36clike the weather forecast said it would be, so at the time we got back, I was so dehydrated and tired!!

As I have said before, and as you might have understand as I haven't been able to upload pictures to the blog, internet is a non existing thing in Cuba. In Honduras and other places in central America that is more common.
I was there for all excited when I was able to speak in the phone with both my boyfriend and parents 😄 it was so nice to hear their voices and talk rather than write lots of stuff on what's app.

In the evening we all went out in what I would call Honduras's jungle and for some Hot Springs. Hot springs is small water holes in the nature with water coming from the closest vulcano. That means the water was soo warm and nice, and the environment was such a beauty!
After a warm day like this it was so nice to just relax in the "pool", with something to drink and some music. At 7pm the people at the hot springs served us barbeque with the best guacamole ever!!
Sitting in the dark in the jungle ,eating food, fresh and directly from the grill with 19 friendly people makde me think about how lucky I am, how glad I am to decided to book this trip and that I went by myself! The day and night could'nt better!!! 😁😁

Considering the hill was so steep we all had to get out from the van and walk up the hill ...

It used to be an airport right here but after copan ruins got on UNESCO's heritage list they decided to remove the airport. 

On our way to the hot spring

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